Fitbit Notifier Has Shut Down

Effective June 1st, 2016, the Fitbit Notifier has been shutdown and is no longer sending out low battery and no-sync alerts.

Note: This site is independently operated and is not affiliated with Fitbit. Your Fitbit service and data will not be affected.

Since its launch in 2011, the Fitbit Notifier tool has sent nearly 2 million e-mails, Pushover notifications, and text messages to almost 75,000 Fitbit users. More than 2,500 of you made PayPal donations to enable receiving SMS alerts and help pay for the cost of sending those text messages and keep the site running.

Last year, Fitbit removed a page from their website that had linked to a number of 3rd party sites that integrated with their API, like this one. Since they removed that page, the number of new users finding this site and signing up has dwindled, but the monthly costs continue to accrue. Without any new users making those small donations to enable SMS alerts and pay for the server costs, this site cost more money to operate. Additionally, since Fitbit's mobile apps now have integrated notifications as well as e-mail alerts to let you know when your tracker needs recharging, this site was not as necessary as it used to be.

Thanks to everyone that donated to help keep this service operating for the past five years.

- joshua stein (