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Since 2011, 1,244,082 alerts have been sent to 66,539 Fitbit users.

2,326 users have generously donated to help pay for server costs to keep this service running.

If you find this service valuable, please consider donating through PayPal by logging into your Fitbit Notifier account first. Even as little as a dollar helps out.


Note: This website is an independent service not associated with Fitbit. If you
need technical support
related to your lost or
broken Fitbit tracker, please contact Fitbit directly.

If you need help with this
specific notification service,
e-mail me and include your
Fitbit user ID.


This free service will send you notifications when your Fitbit tracker's battery is low or when it has not synced to its base station in a while. You can receive alerts through e-mail or through Pushover on your mobile phone. Donating users can also receive notifications through SMS/text messages.

To start, click the button below. You will be directed to the Fitbit website and asked to allow this service access to read your tracker's battery status and sync information. After allowing access, you will be directed back here where you will enter the e-mail address where you would like to receive notifications.

Note: If you have already created an account here, click the button again to verify your Fitbit account. You will be returned back here to your saved settings.